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The Beaches

Florida gulf coast beaches, stretching for over 50 miles from Fort Myers to Naples consistently take top honors as the world's best beaches, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Nearby is Bonita Beach and Barefoot Beach, at the end of Bonita Beach Road, with beautiful white sand beaches, abundant with shells and incredible sunsets, just a short drive away.

The toughest decision each day is which beach to go to. Further north is Lover's Key and Fort Myers Beach, while further south is Wiggins Pass and Vanderbilt Beach.

More Photos

Bonita Beach
Doc's at Bonita
North Naples Beach
South Point Lovers Key
North End Lovers Key
Barefoot Beach
Vanderbilt Beach
Lovers Key State Park
Bonita Beach
Naples Pier
Wiggins Pass
Clams Pass
Looking South on Bonita Beach
Bonita Beach Wildlife
Bonita Beach Stonehedge
Looking North on Bonita Beach
Bonita Beach Shelling
Bonita Beach Walkway
Boat on Bonita Beach
Eye on Horizon
Bonita Beach Watersports
Bonita Egret
Bonita Beach
Bonita Beach Sunset at Doc's Beachhouse

Worthington Fitness Center
Bike Recreation
Time out for Sunset
Egret at Corkscrew
Florida Red Shouldered Hawk
Audubon Corkscrew Sanctuary
A Moment in Time
Birds and the Bees
Best Views Up
Broad Span
Monarchs Migration
Lettuce Lake
Bonita Walkway
Sky Swirls
Fort Myers Beach
Sunset Surf
Lovers Key from Kayak
Pink Shell Mound at Barefoot
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